Definately one of our Hero therapies here at The Holistic Pet !

A Zoopharmacognosy session allows your pet to choose plant extracts and naturally occurring compounds, to bring about balance and wellbeing, not only in their physical body but also emotionally. Animals are individuals just like us and no matter how well- meaning our intentions may be, we can never truly know how they are feeling with100% certainty. By carefully observing their selections in a Zoopharmacognosy session, we can see how they allow plants and other natural extracts to work at a very deep level on their physical and emotional systems, in fact it can often be a revelation to owners and guardians as to how their pet is feeling, and, that they can absolutely make their own choices when it comes to natural wellbeing. In a Holistic Pet Zoopharmacognosy session your animal friend will be able to select rom a wide range of remedies, all selected for energy, purity and freshness, you will then take home their selection to continue the process at home. Includes a lesson in how to carry out a session at home, an e-book and record chart.
Alison has been practicing Zoopharmacognosy since 2003, with all types of animal, she provides expert guidance and translation of behaviours and outcomes of the session.

Zoopharmacognosy – Animal Self Selection

Zoopharmacognosy is the process by which animals self medicate in their natural environment, by selecting and using plants and other naturally occuring elements to treat and prevent disease. Animals have an innate sense which leads them to forage and select these therapeutic elements in their environment, which includes plants and herbs containing specific chemical compounds, that would not be found in their normal diet. This natural behaviour has been studied now for many years. At a cellular level the body knows and ‘craves’ what it needs to bring about homeostasis (the balance that sustains life, in the body).

You will have access to a huge range of plant extracts, essential oils, hydrosols, minerals and algae during a zoopharmacognosy session, allowing your pet to select their own remedies.

Key Benefits

A wonderful way to provide support for your pet’s health and wellbeing. The aim of this therapy is to restore balance to the the mind and body, great for general wellbeing but also after trauma or illness. It can also be a way of providing enrichment, mental stimulation and stress relief for our animal friends.

– reduce stress and anxiety.
– to support behaviour modification.
–  enhance mental focus and cognition.
– can help to reduce pain perception in certain conditions.
– assists in relaxing muscle tension.
– may aid waste removal from tissues in certain conditions.
– as support during illness or injury.
– to support age related issues.
– to improve seasonal balance.
– to support skin problems.
– when the system is under stress from bacterial or viral invasion.
– to maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

Included in The Session

A consultation and 5 element energy report, prior to your first appointment.
Self selection session ( up to 2 hrs) of organic herbs, therapeutic quality essential oils, macerates, hydrosols and algae and minerals.
A selection of Remedies to take home OR you will have received a Self Selection box prior to an online appointment.
A homecare chart to record your pet’s daily responses and guide your learning experience of using zoopharmacognosy at home.
A homecare routine and relavant advice on your pet’s wellbeing.
Bonus ebook, guide to feeding a holistic diet.

Holistic Medicine

If your pet is under veterinary care for a chronic condition, did you know there is likely to be a plant based or natural version of their prescription medication?
Only a Veterinary Surgeon who has chosen to specialise in holistic medicine will be able to prescribe a course of treatment for your pet, check that the vet is a specialist and has taken post graduate studies in herbal medicine or homeopathy. Go to our resource page for recommended vets.

Choose from

Zoopharmacognosy Session £75.00

Zoopharmacognosy Session
via Zoom £80.00
(to cover postage and remedies)

Scent by Nature Workshop  £65.00
(class environment) 

The Session

I will guide you in what to present to your pet for self selection, from a range of herb, oils, hydrosols, minerals and algaes known for their varied therapeutic actions BUT it is entirely up to your pet to select what they need, in the combination that is appropriate for their individual condition on that day.

Self Selection Box

Whether as an enrichment tool or to complement a Zoom consultation, you can purchase a box of aromatic herbs and oils, tailored to support a specific issue eg. anxiety, digestion, musculoskeletal, depression, seasonal balance or particular stage of life. Our natural products are of the highest therapeutic quality from trusted suppliers, batch dated and stored correctly.

Price varies depending on contents.


Scent by Nature

The Scent By Nature workshops are CPD approved, seasonal workshops at The Pet Empawrium in East Kilbride. You can choose to attend with your own dog or as an observer. The dogs will have access to our ‘scent stations’ where they will be able to self select their own remedies, fascinating to watch, with our experts on hand to explain exactly what is going on and why each dog chooses a particular remedy. No two workshops are ever the same ! Observer places are available too, recommended for anyone interested in natural self selection behaviour. Hosted by Sara Najafian expert in holistic force free training and scent work, and Alison McKinnon complementary therapist for animals. You will also learn to recognise the plants that you are likely to find on your walks during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

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