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Canine Arthritis Management was set up in 2016 when Hannah Capon, an experienced UK vet, realised a new approach was needed. With the intention of improving awareness and the level of care implemented by the owner, the platform has grown from a simple Facebook page to a globally recognised online advisory service.

Hannah has been joined by a large team of vet professionals who volunteer their time to help owners have #YOURDOGMOREYEARS with their dog. Collaboration of passionate minds within the CAM team has led to the CAM founder receiving numerous awards for their work. But even now she continues to say ;

“When I started CAM 5 years ago, I thought there would come a point where I knew all that I needed to know to be an excellent practitioner. I was wrong, and I continue to learn at a ridiculous rate. However, I now feel it is time to start giving other canine professionals the chance to come with me on my learning journey.”

The Holistic Pet – Alison McKinnon Having had experience of arthritis with my own dogs, I know how difficultit is to manage and find the right combination of treatments for them, I was inspired to take the CAMadvocate course created by Hannah to guide those working with animals to support guardians and caregivers to better understand the condition and access the latest research on evidence based treatments and interventions. In using CAM’s resources I promote awareness for guardians which helps my animal clients. For example did you know that osteoarthritis is not only seen in old age ? 35% of all dogs no matter their age have arthritis. Resources such as CAM’s Suspicion of Pain checklist helps recognise symptoms that are often overlooked and gives a clear and precise account of clients observations to take to their own vet to support diagnosis. Complementary therapies can form part of a multimodal management plan. Just as for people, therapies can give relief and support arthritic and musculoskeletal conditions, that arise from compensatory issues, in animals BUT effective pain control must be the starting point for any care plan. Many behavioural issues in dogs are a manifestation of pain, they feel pain exactly as we do but how they express it is obviously completely different, they don’t attach the same emotion to pain as we do, but they do suffer in silence, often for long periods of time.
There is much research taking place into pain management in both people and animals.

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Does your dog need to lose weight ? Understanding and taking control of your dog’s weight is a vital component of an arthritis management plan. For more details about body weight, how too much weight can affect your dog, and plenty of weight loss tips Subscribe here. The CAM Education Series for Owners: Follows the CAM approach to creating a multimodal management plan –evidence-based with no bias and no product promotion Subscribe here.

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