None of us would like to think of that our animal friends are stressed. Our pet’s are part of our family they have their own special place in our life, but being a ‘pet’ means that they will be stressed by default, another species having to learn and adapt to our rules and boundaries, even if it is to keep them safe. It is up to us to understand their needs and limit stressors to a minimum.

  • Look at their life holistically including species appropriate food, activities and how we communicate with them can meet them halfway and will ultimately deepen our bond.
  • Adapt your home – take a pet’s eye view of your home, they must have their own space and sleeping area, even if they chose not to use it all of the time.
  • Learn how to communicate in a language they understand.
  • Use only positive reinforcement when training both inside and outside the home.
  • Consult a professional for advice as soon as any ‘problem’ behaviour crops up.

Your pet’s share your life and your LIFESTYLE, so that is always the first step – to look at your own stress levels.

Mental, physical and emotional – research shows your issues are their issues !

Fight, Flight or Freeze are the ways that your pet will show their response to stress, the first two are obvious but the freeze response can be subtle, go on for a long time and can lead to other more serious problems.

Stress; we either adapt or break down. In the wild an animal would use up the circulating stress chemicals by running from danger. Aerobic exercise, in both humans and animals, helps to normalise brain activity after a stressful event – so make sure your pet is getting the correct type of excercise. If this is not possible then eventually systems start to break down.

Most of our therapies reduce negative stress for both human and animal client’s but this is an area where Reiki is a fantastic tool and Essential Oil Therapy comes into it’s own unique field. Simply via inhalation of Essential Oils take a direct route to the brain stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, neuropeptides, feel good hormones that help to counteract the negative stress response, without any concious thought process or having to implement training techniques.

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