Never underestimate the power of your dog’s nose !

Sniffing (most usually things that don’t appeal to us) is such an important part of a dog’s essential needs, If deprived of ‘sniff time’ can cause symptoms of stress. Nose work and foraging will keep your dog’s brain healthy and induce feelings of calm, it’s the ultimate bonding exercise too for doggy socialisation.

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Super Benefits

If for any reason your dog’s mobility is impaired or walks are just not possible, it’s good to know that providing some interesting items to explore with their nose can be as satisfying as a walk and leave them mentally relaxed. Other benefits include the release of feel good neurotransmitters which can help deal with pain perception, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which supports wellbeing and improves quality of sleep.

In fact incorporating ‘nose work’ into your dog’s daily routine can use up excess energy while the mental stimulation is great for their emotional health, sometimes more so than a long boring walk !

Sniff & Stroll

This walk is focussed on engaging your dog’s super senses and we have some interesting spots not only with other doggy smells but also healing plants and herbs that they can forage through if they so desire.

60 mins £18.00
Self Selection Box (  £25.00 purchase form shop)

Who for ?

In the case of high energy dogs or where behaviour issues are present mental stimulation has been shown to induce calmness, over exercising rather than tiring them out, can have the opposite effect. as well as being detrimental to muscle and joints.
Anxious dogs
Dogs with impaired mobility
Puppies and young dogs to avoid abnormal load on developing bones and joints.

Scent By Nature

Scent By Nature  workshops are held at The Pet Empawrium in East Kilbride. A series of seasonal workshops to explore plants and natural elements that your dog might forage on a walk and to show you how to guide them to interesting seasonal plants and herbs you may come across.

Please enquire for upcoming dates.

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