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About The Holistic Pet

Welcome to The Holistic Pet. I’m Alison, a complementary therapist working with animals and people, to optimise natural health and wellbeing.  

I am qualified in an extensive range of modalities including clinical aromatherapy, holistic essential oil therapy, myofascial release, skin health, zoopharmacognosy and reiki. I have a special interest on the effects of stress and chronic pain on the mind and body. To be able to offer therapies for animals, I have undertaken specialist training and work to professional standards following animal welfare guidelines and I am fully insured to practice with animals.

The human animal bond is powerful and interlinked with mutual wellbeing, research proves that pets are good for us but are we always good for them ? Especially when it comes to the negative effects of stress, our stress is their stress. Holistic therapies are uniquley placed to support both animals and their human guardians with no unwanted side effects, and adopting a holistic lifestyle can help you give your animal friend their best possible life. You don’t need to be suffering from an ailment to benefit – holistic practices keep us feeling fantastic and contribute to long term health.

I teach essential oil therapy and reiki to other animal professionals through The School of Animal Reiki and Energy Healing. I am a director of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association, an organisation that brings reiki and meditation for stress management, to animal rescue shelters both in the UK and abroad.

My favourite pastime is walking with my dogs ! 

 I have developed my range of therapies over many years, based on hands on experience with many different species plus continuing my professional development to keep up to date with the latest research in all areas of my work. 
Every therapy that I offer has been tried and tested to give optimal results.

I work closely with other animal professionals to make sure your pet receives the very best in holistic health care.”

Alison McKinnon

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