Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Kinesiology is a system of biofeedback to assess the physical, chemical, electrical and emotional components that make up the healthy body and identify the root of an issue or emotion. It is based on the eastern theory of TCM uses muscle testing, muscles are aligned with energy meridians and organ systems, to identify possible issues and challenge the effectiveness of any interventions. A truly holistic system, when energy flow is improved in one area the other components in that specific circuit benefit too.

Key Benefits

There are two areas where Kinesiology is invaluable; the first is in gauging the effects of different substances on the person or animal, be it food, environment or a remedy, the second is to assess the energy patterns of the body and locate areas where energy is blocked, weak or mismatched and apply ‘corrections’ which can include acupressure holding points, neurolymphatic points, neurovascular points or nutritional supplements.

Assessing sensitivity to potential allergens, additives in foods, chemicals, household products, bedding in fact anything that may be having a detrimental effect of health can be tested in a Kinesiology session.

Kinesiology Session

Includes an meridian map of your pet’s energy status and a report on findings and homecare advice. Useful to investigate:

Sensitivities & Intolerances 
Emotional & Behavioural Issues
Stress Responses


Key Benefits

Restore physical energy
Release emotional stress
Release energy from traumatic events
Restore meridian energy flow
Restore harmony with others

A session involves both owner and animal, we become so closely bonded  that our stress is their stress, and patterns of disharmony seen in the animal’s caregiver are picked up and mirrored by the animal, often going unoticed until it manifests as a physical or emotional issue that can’t be ignored.

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing can help identify:

Physical imbalances
Hidden emotional stress
Food intolerances
Meridian energy imbalances
Discord with other animals or people

Please note this is not a medical/veterinary testing service and no diagnosis is given.

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