Holistic Therapies

Holistic Pet Consultation

If you want to follow a holistic lifestyle for your pet and not sure where to start or you are simply interested in the most natural care and products for your animal family, then this consultation will set you off on the right path. This indepth assessment of your pet’s lifestyle, diet, stress levels and any non medical current issues or behaviours that are of concern will guide you with clear and easy to follow suggestions.


What can natural therapies help with ?

One of the main benefits is in managing the effects of stress on the mind and body. This applies to both animals and people, with recent research showing that our animal friends mirror our stress levels causing many negative effects on their own health, well being and ‘behaviour’.

In general, therapies have been shown to: Release endorphins• Release muscle spasm • Improve removal of waste • Reduce pain perception Promote blood flow • Enhance mental clarity &  focus • Relax and comfort• Help to calm nervous dogs • Speed up healing of injuries • Support the body’s immune system • Release natural chemicals to reduce swelling….

Sharing non verbal communication via therapies, that both the human and animal body/mind system understands and responds to, can create a deep healing bond between you and your pet.

Therapies available at The Holistic Pet

Don’t worry about having to choose which therapy would suit your pet, we recommend booking a free phone consultation with Alison and she can guide you. Another popular choice is to book a time slot and Alison will design an individual treatment session.

Animal Self Medication

Botanical self selection brings an element of choice to animal health. Not only as an aid to wellbeing, but as a guide to how they are feeling, mentally & physically.

Essential Oil Therapy

Ever wondered why we love the smell of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils or why taking a walk in nature makes us feel good ? This popular therapy has been adapted to support animal wellbeing .

Light Therapy

Phototherapy or Photobiomodulation – PBM – is defined as a form of light therapy that  light sources, including lasers and LED’s in the visible (400 – 700 nm) and near-infrared (700 – 1100 nm) electromagnetic spectrum.

Reiki & Energy Therapies

Reiki is a Japanese word, pronounced ray-key. The Japanese translation is Rei meaning Spirit Ki meaning Energy. It is a recognised complementary therapy for stress reduction, it promotes physical and emotional healing.

Massage & Hands on Therapy

Dogs are just like us, when we have a pain or muscle strain it affects every aspect of our daily life, it has a knock on effect, our mood, relationships, our digestion – all can suffer.


Kinesiology is a system of biofeedback to assess the physical, chemical, electrical and emotional components that make up a healthy body. It aims to identify the root of an issue or emotion.

Sniff & Stroll

Never underestimate the power of your dog’s nose!
Sniffing  (usually things that don’t appeal to us) is such an important part of a dog’s essential wellbeing.


Acupressure has been practiced for at least 4,000 years in China. Described as acupuncture without needles, Aculight is a popular form of the therapy where light therapy is used on the points.

Complementary Therapies are not a substitute for veterinary treatment. Veterinary consent may be requested prior to some therapies, other services are non invasive and aim to support animal caregivers to support a holistic lifestyle. 
* Therapies may support behavioural issues. Depending on the issue involved we recommend a qualified behaviourist is consulted in conjunction with any complementary therapy.

To Arrange an Appointment

Please contact Alison
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at The Pet Empawrium East Kilbride.

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