Holistic Food Therapy

Holistic Food Therapy

There are many different approaches and opinions on how to feed your pet, one certainty is that fresh, real, species appropriate food is best, whether raw or cooked. Energetically appropriate is even better.
Discover the benefits of a heating or cooling diet,
feed in tune with the seasons and your pet’s constitution, support a health condition. support digestive function and the microbiome, ease the ageing process by adapting diet to lifestage.

The Consultation Includes

A 5 element report on your pet, including patterns of disharmony present.
A lesson in food energetics, why choose a specific food for your pet ?
Learn how stress affects nutritional needs and the microbiome.
Comparison of ready made and home made diets
enabling you to choose the best type of diet for your pet.
Effective tips on all aspects of natural feeding.​​​
a list of foods and their energetic properties.

Holistic Food Consultation

The holistic and energetic approach to feeding your pet looking at the individuals constitution and matching with energetically appropriate foods – not just as fuel.

Online or in person, includes written report 60 mins £45.00

Food Therapy Course

Online training course for pet parents and animal professionals. This course will take an indepth look at the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic approach to eating, to maintain wellbeing and support specific health issues.

Canine Diet Formulation

We can refer to canine nutrition experts who can formulate a diet specifically for your pet.

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