Enrichment Visits

All About Enrichment

An Enrichment Visit is designed to provide an alternative ‘exercise’ session. Exercising the brain is not the same as the usual mental activity that accompanies daily routine, it is the structured use of cognitive exercise aimed at improving specific brain functions or having an effect on a certain area of the brain.
Just as happens with people, boredom and repetition of negative activities can cause stress and depression, positive enrichment activities provide a way of keeping pets happy and mentally healthy.

A Chilled Out Alternative Walk

We have become so used to thinking of our daily walks as fulfilling our dogs needs even if it’s a rushed 10 mins round the local park – job done ! On a mental, physical and social level that just isn’t enough, if we really think about it we are restricting their natural behaviours and replacing them with what we think makes them happy, including human invented activities that look like fun to us but can actually be adding to their stress burden. Skip the regular walk and alternate with some chill out enrichment sessions.

Enrichment Visit

Ideal when pet’s are home alone for long periods or when normal exercise or walking is not recommended. An Enrichment Visit can also be tagged on to a normal walk to settle them at home or as a drop in visit later in the day.

Add on to other service £10.00

What is Included

Completely tailored to your pet’s needs, may include:
Sniff & Stroll
Interactive Toys ( monitored at all times)
Scent Training Games
Reiki Session
Mini Herb or Essential Oils Session.

Pets are never left unsupervised with any toys or products used in the visit.
Toilet Break included as standard.

Home Alone

If you are concerned about separation anxiety or other signs of stress we are happy to provide information on how best to support your pet and if necessary refer you to one of our trusted experts for behavioural support.

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